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May 18 2018

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Venus - Henry Courtney Selous

May 16 2018

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Moon earrings



listen, there is absolutely nothing that gets me going like mutual seemingly unrequited pining like? i live for both people losing their minds over the other person in bitter silence. savoring every single accidental brush of their fingers, elbows, thighs, every stray glance, memorizing every gesture or expression they catch while the other isn’t looking, all while being absolutely convinced that it’s one-sided only to finally!! finally find out it wasn’t in a triumphant moment of bliss after years and years of delicious, soul-rending, torturous, heart-wrenching pining. i literally don’t care about the fact that this trope is predictable af and always plays out the same way i will still go wild over it every single time like they’ll be doing the same reveal scene i have seen a million times and i’m still on the edge of my seat gasping “are they gonna kiss???”

my single greatest weakness as far as love stories go

is when a story is told through one character’s (pining) point of view, but you the reader KNOW that their love interest loves them back

and the pov character casually says something that you the reader KNOW is gonna be completely devastating to their love interest, but pov character has NO IDEA, like:

“[innocently devastating thing],” said pov character

a strange look seemed to pass over love interest’s face. “yeah, [seemingly casual response that comes off as a little stilted, for reasons pov character just cannot pinpoint],” said love interest.

“uh, [joke that accidentally just DIALS UP THE AGONY TO A THOUSAND FOR LOVE INTEREST],” pov character added, to cut the tension.

love interest step’s faltered for a second. “[seemingly casual response that is FILLED WITH EXQUISITELY REPRESSED PAIN AND LONGING].” it sounded a little gruff. probably love interest was just distracted, or wanted some space. who could blame them?


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If I told you about her, what would I say? That they lived happily ever after? I believe they did. That they were in love? That they remained in love? I’m sure that’s true. But when I think of her - of Elisa - the only thing that comes to mind is a poem, whispered by someone in love, hundreds of years ago: “Unable to perceive the shape of You, I find You all around me. Your presence fills my eyes with Your love, It humbles my heart, For You are everywhere.”

May 14 2018

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Overwatch is doing his event where you can buy a pink mercy skin and the proceeds go to an actually scored well breast cancer research fund, so I bought it because it’s a cute skin for a good cause and it seem to be handled well.

First match in the new skin, ally Hanzo keeps thanking me over and over and I kinda just assume he’s trying to butter me up to get me to pocket him but half way through the match, this young voice comes on over voice chat and he starts talking about how his mom has breast cancer and how nice all of the pink Mercys make him feel and how he’s going to show her later. I almost flew into the canals of Rialto because I couldn’t see through my tears 😭

May 11 2018

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May 10 2018

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🌼 flowerchild self-care tips 🌼


- ground yourself by standing or sitting barefoot in soft grass

- keep a small peace symbol shaped item with you as a worry charm

- nourish your body by feeding it the healthiest of things

- smile as often as possible (just as the sun smiles through its shining)

- place flowers in your hair to feel serene and graceful

- color in a mandala coloring book to ease your mind

Simple Spell for making people feel loved


I use this is for friends, family members, significant others, etc. that are having a rough time and just need to know they’re loved and cared for. 


 - Candle 

- paper 

- cinnamon 

- fire-safe tin/jar/container

 - pencil

 🔮To do:

 - light your candle 

- write the name of the person you want to feel loved on your small piece of paper (preferably first and last so it for sure goes to that person) 

-dip your paper in the flame so it starts burning and drop it in your jar (try not to burn yourself!) 

 - while it burns chant (change pronouns as necessary): “With this I ask of all my might to let her know I love her day and night. May these flames bring the ashes to the skies and may it let them be sparks in her eyes Please let her know that I do care, let her know that I am there. Please never let her be alone, and let my love become her own.” 

-after all of the paper is burned sprinkle a bit of cinnamon over the ashes for extra love and protection. 

 - to make this work faster sprinkle ashes over the soil but this is not required.

rose salt & rose sugar 🌹


*use pesticide-free rose petals to avoid making yourself sick

rose salt 🌹

making - rinse and pat dry rose petals, spread on a plate and microwave for a minute. grind to a fine powder / process with equal parts pink salt. 

in witchcraft - add a pinch to encourage grounding/clarity reality in love

rose sugar 🌹

making -  rinse and pat dry petals. cut the white tip off each petal. layer sugar and petals in a jar in thin layers. store in a cool dark cupboard for 3-5 weeks, remove the petals before using the sugar.

in witchcraft - add a pinch to encourage sweetness in love and affection

May 08 2018

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Ray of light (by Flavia)

May 07 2018

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Mermay random sketch.

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it’s finally time

mermay is here.

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it is Mermay, my dudes!

art tag | find me on insta: doodelineart | on ao3: doodeline | on redbubble: doodeline

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#So badass #even his pet rhyno knows whose in charge


Small psa to remember to thank your tarot cards, your pendulum, your crystals, your stored herbs, your plants, your pets, your tools, your grimoire, your friends, your spirits, your family, and anything else you may think of. They stuck with you through thick and thin during the last year or however long they’ve been with you, so show them some simple appreciation and start the new year on a positive note!

May 06 2018

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10 Magical Uses for Roses


  1. Carry them in a sachet to attract love.
  2. Add them to your bath to balance emotions and increase confidence.
  3. Use the petals to cast your circle or sprinkle on your altar.
  4. Use them to make magical perfumes, tinctures or rose water.
  5. Use red roses in spells for love and passion.
  6. Use white roses in spells for unconditional love.
  7. Use pink roses in spells for friendship.
  8. Use yellow roses in spells for joy and healing.
  9. Use red roses to represent the masculine, active principle and use white roses to represent the feminine, respective principle.
  10. Use the combination of white and red to symbolize unity.
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